How to Plan for Your Child to Study Abroad

Congratulation! It is the first word of the letter of acceptance for your kid to study in a university abroad. Both you and your child have mixed feelings about it at this point. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. May be its the child’s first trip alone so it’s overwhelming.

Almost all the parents would wish for their children to eat their food, sleep under the same roof as them and school around home. But not always the case as at some point kids will get opportunities to study abroad. This is usually common during summer if parents want their child to take some summer courses since there are excellent summer schools overseas.

When it is evident that your child is leaving for studies abroad, there is need for preparation beforehand. How? You ask.

Psychological preparation is key. Together as a family, take time to learn more about the city or country your child will be travelling to. Know their way of life, the culture, food, environment, weather etc. Search for social amenities like restaurants, libraries, places of worship and the like. This will give him/her ease of time once on the ground and won’t feel so lost.  Reading books or watching films about the country also helps to familiarize with the area.

Additionally, you can go ahead and practice the language spoken there. Simple things like greetings and common phrases used every day.

Remind your child that the way of life in that country will be different from what they are used to back at home. Therefore, he/she should be positive and open minded but also wise.

Preparing your child physically is largely the parents’ responsibility. Travel arrangements should be made prior to avoid last minute rush. If your child has not been to a large international airport, you can plan a trip and take a tour. Discuss customs and what to expect once he or she lands in a foreign airport.

Conclusively, double check everything. Talk to your child to confirm preparedness, they’re probably just as nervous as you are. The better prepared he is, the more confident he will be.

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