Moby’s Dick

TSX Sex Toys are known for their innovation in toy creation, and Moby’s Dick is one of their most unique toys. It’s part of the Peaches and Screams collection of Animal dildos.

Moby’s dick is an anatomically correct dildo shaped like a whale penis. This shape won’t be one that you’re used to, and the change will bring you an orgasm unlike any other. It’s made from a phthalate free PVC, which is skin safe and non toxic. It’s also waterproof, so you can bring it into the bath or shower with you. It fits comfortably into your hand, so you can use it alone, or you can use it with a partner. Moby’s dick can be used vaginally or anally, which makes it suitable for both men and women.

Moby’s Dick is a fourteen inch long dildo, which curves just like a whale penis does. It has a tapered head, which flares and widens out along the shaft. It has an insertable length of twelve inches, and the head is one and a half inches wide. It widens out to four inches at the widest point. It has a minimum circumference of five inches and a maximum circumference of twelve inches. Spankers and Ticklers has some flexibility and softness, which makes it very easy to insert.

Moby’s Dick will bring you an amazing pleasure experience unlike those you’ve ever had before, but you should make sure that your body is relaxed and use plenty of personal lubricant. When you’ve finished playing with your new toy, clean it thoroughly with a cleaning solution. We have a range of lubes and cleaning solutions that have been designed to be safe for use with toys.

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