The Creativity And Reliability Of The Bible

Thanks to the Book of Zohar, they exited from exile in mercy

Our generation merited what they did not reach in the previous generations when the gates of the Zohar were opened before all those who asked and asked for the sons of a chosen people.

When a man was awakened to publish a mystery, he became the righteous Gaon Rabbi Daniel Frisch, whom all his knowledge knew as a man. Damari helped the many credits for decades when he published a series of books that are very necessary for young men.

In which he disseminated light and breathed life into the children of Israel, and burned burnt offerings to Elpham Bina and Da’at in the ways of Torah and fear.

And all of them did so when he took upon himself a holy and weight-bearing task, and with great effort and great sweat, he went to the holy work to explain the teachings of Rashbi as a book open to all.

With great providence and special divine help, he was able to gather from all the books of the ancients from the various Zohar commentators, and after repeated inquiries he brought his great explanation, “sweet from honey,” to all parts of the holy Zohar Matok, New Zohar, and the Zohar corrections in twenty-three volumes.

On the path and path that he had set for himself that it would be only in the lightest and simplest way that emerges from the passages of the commentators, and even in the mysteries and mysteries that Bezhar took in this way to make it easier for learners and thinkers.

Which brought about a tremendous transformation and shook the whole world to the extent of astonishment mixed with great joy in all the communities of Israel with the holy people scattered throughout the world when the day came and we hoped and opened the gates of light to all the House of Israel to understand and learn in the teachings of the Holy Zohar hidden and revealed as one clear understanding of the well as a Shulchan Aruch and ready for all those who come This is the gate to God.

And received the privilege of the masses in an unimaginable way, when he received his explanation and great commentary in all the Diaspora on the face of the earth and praised him in the extreme clans, Rabbis and students everywhere until they become the assets of all those seeking and seeking God’s closeness.

It is true that it is possible to say that such a commandment was intended to see such an interpretation on the table of kings, as the Sages of Israel have said: “All the children of kings are from this point of view.

Holy vision

There is no doubt that this was true in the sense of prophecy and the holy vision of the Seer of Lublin, as quoted in the introduction to the book of Damesek Eliezer, Rabbi Eliezer Tzvi of Komarna, in his words: I heard from the Rebbe (Rabbi Isaac Makomarna) The saint of Rabbeinu Ya’akov Yitzchak ben Mattil of Lublin wished that there would be one man in the world who would interpret the holy Zohar according to a simple plain, wherever he could interpret it according to the plain sense.

And I myself have heard from the holy Rabbi Moshe Tzvi of Liska, who wished to see in his eyes some interpretation of the holy Zohar that would be according to a simple plain wherever possible, so that he could adhere to each of the Holy Israelites in the holy Zohar.

That the essence of the purchase of the stickiness of the Creator is blessed with no real joy and comes from learning the words of the Zohar, indeed we have been privileged and held in our generation the last generation towards the time of the approaching redemption,

The sanctity of the Zohar

Rabbi Pinhas of Koritz, one of the greatest Torah scholars of the seven days, is known for his praise of the Holy Baal Shem Tov: He gives praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for every day, for they did not plant in the world in previous generations before the Book of Zohar was revealed, In this holy book they brought a taste of the life of the World to Come while still living in this world.

Maran ha-Chida brought a number of times in his books (Responsa Hayim Chal “a” h “h” skb “, a teacher in the middle finger, where the greats edited Sefer ha-Havir) that the Arizal gave a Tikkun Ba’al Teshuva to learn in the version of Alma 5 pages of Zohar A day even when he does not understand.

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